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Science Bros - A Tony/Bruce Community
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Science Bros
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Welcome to sciencebros!
A Tony Stark/Bruce Banner community.

1. All posts here must contain both Tony and Bruce. Works posted can contain other characters and pairings as long as the focus is on the relationship between Tony and Bruce. (So friendship fic is welcome as well). Works with other pairings are allowed but the focus has to be on the relationship between Tony and Bruce.

2. Please treat other members with respect. Discussions are allowed but please remember that not everyone shares your opinion, if a discussion gets out of hand and you are asked to stop please follow that request.

Do not flame stories, do not harass someone, do not be rude to other members of the community. If you have a problem with another member of a community PLEASE page a mod to handle it instead of handling it on your own.

3. Bashing and bullying is forbidden. This goes for exciplit character bashing in discussions and works. It is fine for you to dislike a character and even argue this dislike reasonably but please don’t let it turn into outright bashing. Bullying of other members is not allowed and if we catch you will receive a warning, if this behavior persists you will be banned from the community.

4. All posts should contain header information with title, author, rating, summary, and any warnings. The heading information can be formatted however you choose but please include this information so potential readers can have an idea of what they are checking out. Feel free to grab this to use for posting (edit accordingly for art posts):

5. Please use an lj-cut when posting material straight to the community If you don’t know how to use an lj-cut find out here. This if for art and fics.

6. When posting icons please only put 3 icons for a teaser. If you have more link to where you are hosting them or follow the instructions above to put them under a cut.

7. Do not plagiarize other peoples' work in any form. If you are found to be doing so, this will result in being banned from this community and your posts will be deleted.

If you think someone plagiarized please contact a mod, if you need help with plagiarism outside of this community you can find help at stop_plagiarism.

8. No large graphics outside of a cut.Any graphics (such as story banners and teaser art) cannot exceed 400px in width. This is to prevent the graphics from breaking users layouts who are viewing the community from their friends list.

9. Tag your posts! Please use the appropriate tags when posting. After you have made three creative posts to the community you will be given a contributor tag. Please use that anytime you post to the community. If you do not see a certain tag that you think should be there feel free to request it. If your post is in need of an additional tag please tag it with “!needs tag” and a mod will get to it. We will try to stay updated on who has earned tags but if you have made three separate posts and have yet to receive on please request it at the above link!

10. Don't post friends locked material. Your content has to be visible to everyone for at least two weeks after posting here. If you would prefer to lock NC-17 material please members lock your post to the community (that way only members of the community will be able to view it).

11. Promotions of other communities ARE allowed but they have to be related to Tony/Bruce and have mod permission. To ask for permission to promote something please do so at the Page a mod post. (So an Avengers fic exchange accepting all pairings would get permission to promote but a Tony/Steve one would not as it has nothing to do with Tony/Bruce).

12. Always warn for potential triggers! This includes abuse, rape, character death, suicide, self-harm but doesn't stop there. Please be considerate and remember that things that you don't mind might be a trigger for others. If you feel warning may spoil part of your fic you can place the warnings behind blacked out or whited out text using the following code:

An example: Your fic involves a bad break up, not a problem for you, probably fine with many other readers. But imagine someone going through something similar reading this by accident, it might make things worse for him/her. I'm sure everyone has things that remind them of situations that were bad, but a trigger is a lot worse than that and can end up putting someone's mental health in danger so be careful!

If you don't warn for major triggers you will get a warning from a mod. If you continue not to do this you will be banned from this community.

Don't understand triggers or why we're keeping such a strict policy? Go and read this Sexual Assault, Triggering, and Warnings: An Essay. Warning: Very explicit discussion of sexual assault and the nature, anatomy, cause & effect of triggers. Is itself triggery.

If you would like to affiliate with sciencebros please ask at this post.

Our affiliates are:


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